Bespoke Burglar Alarm Installation

Working out which security alarm will work best for you can be confusing if you have no previous knowledge as there is a wide variety available. Our knowledgeable team can guide you through the options and give some pointers as to which may work best. Once you have made an informed decision, our team will expertly install the system before explaining to you how it works and how you can operate it.

Why Choose a Burglar Alarm as a Deterrent?

Having a burglar alarm system is an extremely effective way to deter intruders as burglars are often discouraged from even attempting entry if they know there is an effective alarm system in place. If you are going to be away from the premises for an extended period or just going home at the end of each day, a burglar alarm system offers protection and peace of mind.


Types of Burglar Alarm Installation

Bells-Only Burglar alarm

Makes a noise to alert you and others in the vicinity when a break-in has been detected.

Monitored Burglar Alarm

Connected to an external security company who charge you to monitor your alarm.

Wired BURGLAR Alarms

To be installed by a professional to ensure wires are hidden away.

Wireless Burglar Alarm

Battery-powered and usually simpler to install than wired options.