Electrical Safety Tips This Winter

More than likely you have lots of electrical devices, some which you may use as a heat source, others not so much, but whatever you use them for then can prove to be a hazard if not used appropriately. We’re giving you some safety tips so you can stay safe this winter, and if you need a friendly visit to check something you’re not sure of, be assured that our electricians in Edinburgh are the best in the business.

Space Heaters

If you do user heaters, specifically space heaters, then always keep clear of anything that will catch fire quickly, this would include things such as pillows, blankets, paper, and curtains. Make sure children are kept well away from them and never leave them unsupervised near a heater, and make sure their clothes are fire proof should an accident occur.

All appliances should be kept safe and away from little hands when not in use. They are all designed for different purposes and should not be used for anything else. Always follow the instructions your appliances come with.

Christmas Lights Can Be Hazardous

Winter brings with it many celebrations, one of which is the most famous, and that is Christmas. And yes, you’ll be putting up Christmas lights. You may not know that alongside hair straighteners, Christmas lights cause the worst fires in the UK. This is usually as a result of having left them switched on. Don’t make the same mistake. Switch them off before going out and before going to bed.

Overloading Sockets Is Dangerous

Never overload sockets or extension leads, this can and does lead to fires, at worst fatal injuries, so don’t stick adaptors in the extension leads and furiously stick more plugs in, this could lead to an accident you won’t forget in a hurry. Stay safe and don’t do it.

Have Your Heating System Checked Annually

Something you may not think of is your heating system. This should be checked for faults at least once a year. A professional who is fully qualified and trained should come and clean the system, check the boiler, thermostat and any other relevant parts so your heating system is safe.

Don’t Use Your Stove, Especially Gas, As A Heat Source

Your cooker or stove is there to cook or bake, it is not a heat source. That means don’t ever try using it as a way of heating up a room, especially with gas. Gas produces heat but keep in mind – this is a by-product and you could be exposed to carbon monoxide poisoning. There are signs to look out for which are dizziness, nausea, shortness of breath, visual problems, rapid heart beat and any one or a combination of these symptoms could result in a hospital visit, long term health issues and in some cases even death.

RML - Our electricians in West Lothian are the best there is in Scotland and we pride ourselves on our experience, knowledge and expertise. We can help you with more hints and tips on staying safe with electricity if you need it, so give us a call, and if you want us to check something out we can send round one of our experienced and valuable team members to your home.

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