Expert PAT Testing

Many businesses and landlords are unsure of how often their appliances should be safety tested. This largely depends on the type of equipment you use and what the environment you use it in is like.

Power tools that are used on a construction site are going to need more regular examination than a hotel room lamp. Both of these need to be tested but a power tool will require more often checks as it is hand-held and frequently used.

Is a PAT Test Compulsory?

The law states that electrical appliances have to be maintained to prevent any danger to users but it does not specify how they should be maintained or how often.

We recommend employers and landlords take the low-risk approach as you don't want anything happening with your appliances that could put people at risk or cause a fire.


What Does PAT Testing Cover?

Our PAT Tests cover the following items, and many more besides:

  • Kitchen appliances

  • Computers & laptops

  • Cleaning equipment

  • Utilities

  • Builders tools

  • Hand held devices

  • Musical equipment