Brighten Up Your Garden With Exterior Lighting

Exterior lighting is a great way to transform your property during the night, making it brighter and more functional while attracting visitors and deterring intruders. Outdoor lighting can also be utilised to highlight garden features such as trees, water features and decking to make your garden look fantastic in the evening. Having exterior lighting installed also serves as a deterrent to potential intruders, providing your home with a bit more security as potential burglars may be less keen to target a well lit property.

Types of Outdoor Lighting

LED Lighting Outdoor Lighting

Rapidly growing in popularity, LED lighting is the go to lighting for exterior use. This is because LEDs use up to 90% less energy than conventional outdoor lighting. This means that it's more environmentally friendly and cheaper for you, reducing your energy bills.

Unlike other energy saving lights, LED don't have any initial dimness when switched on all while being just as bright as conventional lights. LED lights come in a wide variety of styles so you're able to find the ideal fit for the outside of your property, whether domestic or commercial, to save you money and reduce maintenance as the bulbs last 20-30 years.


Spotlights concentrate on illuminating and highlighting certain areas of a garden as well as being used to emphasise and accentuate key features, including sculptures or water features. Unlike flood lights, spotlights project light onto a focal point rather than projecting light onto a wide area.


Flood Lights

Flood lights are used to project a broad beam of light, covering a large space or area that could be difficult to illuminate. These lights can often be found at outdoor sport facilities such as playing fields and running trucks. Floodlights are also used to project light onto driveways and parking areas. Floodlights are ideal for protecting buildings and properties from potential vandals, thief's or intruders.

Motion Sensor Lights

Motion Sensor Lights are the ideal choice for people looking to deter intruders and upgrade the security of their home. Motion Sensor Lights contain small electronic devices that detect infrared waves, picking up the heat signals of cars, people and animals when they move. Once the sensor has detected this movement, it switches on the light instantly. The light stays on for a defined period of time, usually no more than a minute, before switching off. The duration of light can be changed by the homeowner to suit their preference.

Experienced Electricians With a Professional Approach

Outdoor lighting is a massive part of a well landscaped garden these days. This is because exterior lighting optimises the outdoor space and highlighting features. If you're considering outdoor lighting then it should always be installed by a qualified electrician rather than as an add-on by landscape gardeners. Our professional electricians can help you place your lighting so it looks and works the way you want it to and, more importantly, works safely.

Make the most of your garden in the evening, bringing them to life with fantastic lighting that improves the look and function of your home, setting the mood for barbecues and garden parties.