Smoke Alarm Installation

Our Smoke Alarm Services

Our expert electricians install smoke alarms in accordance with the latest regulations, providing you with all the guidance you need to bring your property, whether domestic or commercial, up to the necessary standard.
We will ensure that smoke alarms are placed in the correct positions to give you peace of mind that everyone within is safe.



Alarms are required in specific locations within properties to remain in accordance with standards and regulations, but we know your time is precious and you may not have the time to keep up with the latest regulation updates, so we do.

We make sure we know the latest health and safety regulations inside out so you can have complete confidence in us carrying out the work for you.

Different Types of Alarms


The most affordable type of smoke alarm, ionisation alarms are less sensitive to slow burning fires but are ideal at detecting fast flaming fires quickly.

This type of alarm can detect small particles of smoke, setting the alarm of before the smoke becomes too thick. Ionisation alarms can be overly sensitive, especially in kitchens. This may lead to the alarm being sounded even when there is no real fire.


Fairly self-explanatory, heat alarms detect sudden temperature rises in specific rooms. These alarms cannot detect smoke so will not go off when a smoke is around, meaning that they can be installed in kitchens.



Slightly more expensive, Optical Smoke Alarms are more adept at detecting large particles of smoke created by slow burning fires. Less sensitive to fast flaming fires, optical alarms are less likely to go off if in false circumstances, unlike ionisation alarms. Optical alarms should not be installed in, but near kitchen rooms.

Quality  smoke and carbon monoxide DETECTORs

RML guarantee that every smoke alarm we fit is a quality product that has been thoroughly tested to the highest standards for your complete peace of mind.

If you have any questions or would like to find out more about our smoke alarm installation service then don't hesitate to contact us today.