Do You need a fuse board replacement?

If your current electrical installation is safe and meets regulations then you won’t need to upgrade, however, it can be very difficult to work this out without any testing.

The best way to make an assessment is to have an electrical inspection carried out by one of our team.


What are the risks if an Out-of-date fuse board isn't replaced?

Accidents involving electrics still happen, and having an old, unsafe fuse board increases the risk. Electrical Safety Council statistics reveal:

  • around 70 people die and 1.2 million people are injured as a result of electrical accidents in UK homes each year

  • around half of all fires in UK homes each year are caused by an electrical fault.

  • almost all electrocutions that occur in homes and around 20% of fires with an electrical origin could have been prevented by having RCD protection in place.

benefits of a fuse board replacement

Having a fuse board replacement carried out is a smart move for several reasons:

  • Make your home a safe environment for you and your family, reducing the risk of both electric shock and electrical fires.

  • Increase the energy efficiency of your home with a brand new fuseboard.

  • Ensure your home is in compliance with current electrical regulations.

Quality Fuse board Replacement For Peace of Mind

When choosing an electrician to carry out your fuse board replacement it is important to consider more than just price. The right electrician for the job will be fully qualified, certified, insured to carry out the work and compliant with the latest electrical standards. Your fuse board is the main electrical hub in your property, taking a pivotal role in all electrical aspects. If you have a fuseboard replacement carried out that it is below the necessary standards then you are putting you property at risk and endangering anyone that occupies the property.