Expert Office Lighting Installation

Our experienced electrical team will carry out office lighting installation swiftly, working hard to minimise the disruption in your workplace whilst maintaining high standards in quality of work and safety. We understand the latest office lighting building regulations and will ensure you meet all of the requirements.

We have designed and installed office lighting systems for a wide variety of spaces and environments, each with a distinct character or feel. We will work closely with you to work out exactly what you need, both practically and in terms of style to work within your current office design, or the vision you have for it.

LED Office Lighting - Stylish & Cost Effective

A popular option in modern offices, LED lighting is both stylish and cost-effective.
You can reduce your office energy bills significantly with LED lighting as it uses up to 90% less power than conventional lighting and has none of the initial dimness that is associated with other energy-saving lighting options.

LED lighting is a brighter, whiter light that improves illumination for increased productivity and is much better for health and safety.

It is also much cooler than conventional lighting, meaning having the lights on all day in the office won't cause excess eat, cutting down your reliance on air conditioning.


Compact Fluorescent Office Lighting

A lesser used type of lighting, Compact fluorescent is a long lasting lighting type that generates less heat whilst also offering a higher lumen output.

Compact Fluorescent Lighting does have its downfalls however, as they often use mercury which can be difficult to dispose of safely. Compact fluorescent bulbs are also more likely to flicker than other lighting options.