Tips for Choosing an Electrician in Edinburgh

If you need electrical work in your home, then you need to make sure you choose someone who is not only trustworthy but also experienced and qualified. You also want someone who is registered as a competent electrician, so you know their expertise is good enough to take on any complex work without endangering lives.

All good electricians in Edinburgh will make sure they’re registered with the Scottish Government and that they display the mark of a competent person. This will be authorised by the government so they are able to produce work that’s compliant with the current building regulations.

You can use the government's search facility to find out whether an electrician in your area is competent. You can key in your postcode to find an electrician in your area, or search by the company’s name. That way you’ll have peace of mind knowing the work is carried out safely and complies with current laws and regulations.

Once you have established which electricians in your area are registered to carry out electrical work safely there will be other things you need to consider before choosing someone.

Know what it is you want

You’ll need to know the scope of the job and what exactly it is you need doing. This will make things crystal clear for your electrical team so they know what needs to be done. Hopefully, you will have narrowed down your choice of electricians to around 3 from your list of registered electricians. Now, if you have a good idea of what you need to be done you need to get quotes from the 3 electricians you’ve chosen to see which ones will give you the best quote. You need to stick to the job scope and try not to change and add things to the job halfway through, otherwise you could see the original quote rise quite a bit as the bits you’ve added to the job are then added to the final bill. However, if you do need changes and they can’t be avoided, make sure you confirm them with the electrician and then get them to give you a revised quote so you know exactly what you’re paying for.

Cheap isn’t always best

Don’t go with the cheapest quote, cheap doesn’t always mean quality work. You want someone who will do a good job, not rush and then leave. Discuss how they like to be paid. You may have to give a deposit upfront so they can pay for parts, but after that you may be able to pay in stages all the way through until the job is completed, and then, of course, you pay the final amount. Be very wary of being asked to pay in full in cash at the beginning of the job, you may not see them again.

Any issues? 

If you have any issues with the work being done, discuss as soon as possible with the head of the team, don’t leave it until the end. And if you do find things wrong with the job, perhaps mistakes as to where you wanted things fixed, then mention it before they’re gone, give them the time to put things right before they move on to the next job.

Electrician in Edinburgh - Speak to the Experts

If you have any questions about what we’ve discussed today, give us a call at RML Electrical, we are a team of registered electricians in Edinburgh, and we’re here to help, and one of our team will be more than happy to answer your queries.

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