Common Electrical Problems Around the Home

There are all sorts of things that can go wrong in your home when it comes to electrics. There are those problems which are easy enough to deal with, and there are those problems which are a little harder to overcome and will require an experienced and knowledgeable electrician in Edinburgh.

How do we deal with problems without injuring ourselves and others?

More importantly, when should we know not to try and repair it ourselves and leave it to a qualified electrician. We’re going to go over some of the common electrical problems you should look out for.

Lights Flickering

This is a common issue and it could be beyond your repair. This may be because there are grid issue, maybe there’s a line down or there’s problems further along that are out of your control.

Sometimes however it can be down to something completely different such as faulty wiring, if this is the case, then don’t try and fix this yourself. Call in trained electricians in Glasgow. You can find them easy enough online, but we hope you’ll choose us. Flickering lights can be down to weather conditions too, perhaps it’s quite windy outside or there’s a storm, again, leave it to a qualified electrician.

Circuit Breaker Trips

If you experience something like this it could be that the system is overloaded. Living in an old house can sometimes be the issue here and the solution could be to have your electric wiring upgraded so it’s safer, or perhaps simply add another circuit to accommodate the load.

Contact device gets warm when appliances are plugged in and switched on

This could be quite serious and if you find it’s getting quite warm then switch off immediately and don’t plug anything in, especially into that particular contact device. Check for burn marks. If you have a faulty receptacle then potentially there could be serious damage on the horizon, resulting in a house fire, so be very careful.

Electricity Bills Unusually High

How energy efficient is your home? You could be leaking energy and need upgrading your system to help save money. By taking action, you could improve energy efficiency, although that will require a certain amount of investment, you’ll save money in the long-run with lower bills.

Lights Going Off Without Warning

Sometimes when lights get too hot they switch off abruptly, the reason for this could be that you’re using a light bulb with too high a wattage or the ceiling insulation is far too close to the bulb.

RML Electrical - Expert Electricians Edinburgh & West Lothian

These are just a few of the electrical problems that people come up against, and we would always advise that if you’re unsure, that you consult with a qualified electrician before doing anything. Here at RML Electrical we are premier electricians in Edinburgh and West Lothian and pride ourselves on our attention to detail, focus on customers satisfaction and professionalism. We’re fully qualified, trained and registered so give us a call and let our electricians sort out your electrical problems.

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