All You Need to Know About PAT Testing

Today, we’re discussing all you need to know about PAT testing. We feel this is an important aspect of electrical care, keeping your property (if you’re a landlord) and business (if you’re in a commercial building) safe from harm. As busy electricians in West Lothian, we carry out PAT testing all the time, and we understand why it’s so important.

What Does PAT Stand For?

PAT testing is the testing of portable appliances. This is defined as any appliance that needs a power source via a wall outlet with a plug attached.

What Needs To Be PAT Tested

If you have appliances which are not connected to a fixed installation, then they will need to be PAT tested. Most appliance will have a plug attached that connects it to an electric supply, and this will therefore mean you have to have it tested so it doesn’t pose a risk to anyone’s safety.

Even Large, Stationary Appliances Will Need To Be Tested

If you have large items which remain stationary you may think they don’t need testing, but if they’re plugged into a power source they will still need to be looked at. An appliance that is cordless will obviously not need to be tested.

Make Sure An Electrician Tests Your Electrical Cable Extension

As you can imagine one of the most commonly tested item is the electrical cable extension because it can cause so many accidents. Other items which need testing are any 3-phase equipment and anything that uses 110 volts.

What Will Having a PAT Test Involve?

Naturally it’s going to involve someone coming to your home or place of work and testing all portable appliances. In the UK all portable appliances are tested via routine safety checks carried out by a professional, fully qualified and experience electrician.

The Reasons For PAT Testing Are Simple and Straightforward and Can Save Lives

The reasons for PAT testing is obvious, as it provides for the safety of all individuals, and we all use appliances daily. However, the requirement to carry out these tests is stated clearly in the Electricity at Work Regulations, 1989.

Make Sure You Have Your Appliances PAT Tested

Whether you’re living in a rented property or a retail outlet you’ll need to have your appliances tested. However, as a tenant these appliances will only need to be tested if they have been supplied by your landlord.

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