Why You Should Choose a Registered Electrician in West Lothian

In this blog we’re going to talk about the importance of hiring a registered electrician in West Lothian. Why is this important? Because we believe it’s the difference between being safe or putting yourself at risk of an accident, or in the worst-case scenario – death. 

Always Choose a Registered Electrician

It’s only natural that when there’s an electrical problem you’ll either try to repair it yourself or you’ll try and find the quickest solution – that is hire the first person you can find. If that person isn’t registered, then you’re putting yourself and your family at risk. 

Electricity in Your Home Can Be Hazardous

The wiring in your walls, out of sight and unseen are a hazardous and complex world of danger, and if you start messing around with them, or anyone for that matter who isn’t qualified to, then you’re looking at a world of worry. It’s only a matter of time before there’s a serious accident. 

Electricians - Highly Trained For a Good Reason

It takes years of training to become an electrician and there’s a good reason why this is so. An electrical engineer must know exactly where everything fits so that when it comes to using an electrical appliance there won’t be a catastrophic life-threatening accident. 

All Registered Electricians Will Be Carefully Regulated

A registered electrician will be regulated by the UK government. Work is assessed on a regular basis and all work is carried out to the BS7671, a British Safety Standard. All registered electricians are insured so you’re protected should anything go wrong. 

What Does Registered Mean Exactly?

When an electrician is registered it means they are then regularly assessed by a scheme provider, usually the people who they registered with, and there are very strict qualification requirements, so no electrician can have registered with an approved provider until they’ve trained properly.  They must also be legally qualified to carry out complex electrical work and be able to sign off what work they’ve carried out as safe. 

Hiring an Electrician in West Lothian

When you’re hiring an electrician, who’s registered of course, be very clear about what it is you want done, and always obtain at least 3 quotes. Make sure they’re registered with a government approved scheme and you check on this link to find a registered electrician in your area - https://www.electricalsafetyfirst.org.uk/find-an-electrician/ Always make sure you ask for references from the electricians you’ve narrowed down to 3, and check whether they have public liability insurance that’s at least around £2million.

RML Electrical - Experienced Registered Electricians in West Lothian

If you’re looking to have electrical work carried out on your home then we’d be more than happy, in fact we’d be very happy, to be included in your 3 quotes. We offer competitive prices and we’re all registered. We’ve already discussed in this post how important it is to have an electrician in West Lothian who’s registered, and we are, so all work carried out by us will be done safely and with guarantees. Contact us today.

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