A Brief Guide to Exterior Lighting

We’re looking at exterior lighting and the value and versatility of exterior lights. Read on to find out all the different ways you can light up your garden this winter. 

There are many different lights to choose from and we’re going to go through some of the most popular ones, so you can make an educated choice about which ones are right for you. 

Solar spike lights

These types of lights are low on maintenance and consist of a LED lamp that is fixed to a spike, hence their name. They can be driven into the ground, so they’re obviously not much good for concrete or stone gardens minus grass or soft soil or gravel. They’re simple to install and the light they give is modest, depending on how many you lay in your garden.

Battery powered spotlights

These are great for providing a focused bright light which can show up driveways in the interests of security and also for showing off garden decking, patios or simply a garden seating area at night to best effect. 

Deck lights

Of course, deck lights are specifically designed for decking and provide a simple ambient light that is unobtrusive yet effective. They’re a little more complicated to install, as opposed to the spike lights mentioned earlier but are definitely worth it if this is the type of lighting you want, and you have decking you’d like to show off. 

Stair lights

Yes, as you guessed, they’re for stairs! They’ll illuminate the steps at night and this is especially important as it’s easy to slip and fall in the dark. It’s an attractive option to for simply lighting up your garden in the most beautiful way too. 

Wall lights

These are great for offering a mains powered lighting system in your garden. They’re usually for decorative purposes rather than because they’re offer any type of worthwhile illumination, but they are an attractive form of lighting for the garden. 


Floodlights are good for mainly functional and practical reasons. They offer great safety and security by flooding the garden with light as soon as they detect an intruder. They can be mounted to the wall, which they usually are, and are mains powered with a very bright light that shows up every single thing when they’re fully lit. They offer great value for money and are extremely long lasting.

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