CCTV Camera Installation Options

Wired CCTV Cameras

The most common type of CCTV camera that has a wire directly from the camera to a monitor. 

Wireless CCTV Cameras

CCTV footage will be transmitted using analogue or digital tech to a computer, tablet or even mobile phone.

IP CCTV Cameras

Using your network or IP to send CCTV footage to your computer's router, so you can view it from remote locations.

Outdoor CCTV Cameras

Wireless cameras are available, but you also need to connect to a power source and ensure they are weatherproof.


What Are The Benefits of CCTV Installation?

CCTV Installation offers a variety of security benefits:

  • Visual discouragement to would-be intruders.

  • 24/7 protection without having to pay wages.

  • Alarms may be ignored for a quick break-in, CCTV is a more likely deterrent.

  • They are easily monitored remotely from a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

  • Provide a visual deterrent while fitting in with the property's aesthetics.

  • Safer work environment for staff, encourages adherence to health and safety procedures and discourages violence.

  • Lowers theft as shop lifters prefer to target stores with poor security.

  • Lowers or eliminates the chance of fraudulent insurance claims in the workplace.