Your Guide to Electrical Rewiring

Usually the most common time to have an electrical rewiring is when you’re about to move in to a new property. It’s better this way too because if you have it done before you move in you’ll miss most of the disruption and it can be all done and dusted – literally, before you move all your stuff in. The reason rewiring is important on a newly purchased property is because if it’s an old house, then it may have wiring issues and it won’t be safe.

Signs You Need Rewiring:

  • If you see that the rubber encasing around your wires is degraded, worn and coming apart

  • If the lights are not working or if they’re flickering when switched on

  • If there are cables coated in black rubber, or lead or fabric

  • If you have a fusebox encased in a wooden box

  • Wall mounted light switches in bathrooms

  • Cast iron switches.

Some of the things we’ve mentioned regarding the cables and fusebox are part of electrical systems which were phased out a while ago and were probably installed in the 1960s.

By having the house rewired prior to moving in you’ll have a fresh chance to start again and design the lighting in your home to suit the requirements of each room.

Other than a new property, other reasons for rewiring may be due to flooding or if you’ve experienced a blow-out due to a faulty appliance.

Know What You Want

Before the rewiring starts make sure you have a good idea of where you want the fittings and fixtures to go. Should you change your mind halfway through the job because you’ve decided on something different, it could work out far more expensive. Therefore, make sure you do your research first and be certain about what it is you want to do.

Potential Disruption

An electrical rewiring can be a messy job and quite invasive. It usually takes around 7-9 days, comprising usually of around 2 to 3 qualified electricians who will start from the top and work their way down. It will normally take a couple of days for the dust to settle, so you’ll feel the impact of it even after we’ve gone, keep in mind any friends or family with asthma or allergies.

Peace of Mind

However, any of the disruption is worth it in the end because you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you have electrical wiring that’s safe to use. Once we’ve completed the job we always make sure we clean up after ourselves. Although it will be a little dusty, you won’t have as much mess to deal with.

Reliable Rewiring in Edinburgh.

We hope you enjoyed our post on electrical rewiring, and if you’ve decided to go ahead please get in touch. We’re always here to help and one of our team can talk you through any concerns.

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