What are the Benefits of Using LED Lighting in Your Home?

Thinking of having an LED Light Installation but not sure if they’re right for you? Well worry no more because we’ve come up with a few benefits that we think will convince you of how good they are. In our post, we’ve come up with 5 key benefits of using LED lights and hopefully, by the time we’ve finished, you’ll be thinking of getting them for your home.

Energy Efficient LED Lighting

No better reason than this. LED lights use much less electricity than conventional bulbs, which means you will save on energy use. If you use bulbs for extended periods, perhaps you’re self-employed and work from home, or you work in a store where the lights are on all the time, these are perfect. LED lights not only use less electricity, they emit light everywhere, in all directions. Apparently, the way they transmit light is different to conventional bulbs in that they don’t emit light spherically but hemispherically. This is what helps reduce wasted energy and light.

LED Lighting Lasts Much Longer

Yes, they last much longer and have a long operational life expectancy, in that if you left them on all day for around 8 hours, it’d take at least 20 years before you’d need to buy another one. They don’t stop suddenly stop working by burning out like conventional bulbs so they’ll last for a longer period of time.

LED Lights are Durable

They don’t break easily, are resistant to vibrations and are far less susceptible to being broken. As LED lights don’t have filaments or glass they are far stronger. This helps them to last even longer and not break so easily if you accidentally drop them.

LED Light Bulbs Work in Cold or Hot Temperatures

This is brilliant because it means you can use them outdoors because they work in cold temperatures. You’ll never need to worry about low temperatures, and this means that for winter lighting needs you have a reliable source of light giving security to visitors and for your home.

Frequent Turning On and Off

You can turn LED lights on and off many times without having any impact on their ability to work. They will light up immediately, and no matter how many times they’re switched on and off it won’t affect their operational ability or life expectancy.

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